We’re Sorry

April 24, 2012


We didn’t mean to go off the air. Ash kept up the barks while mom was at the ranch, but when she got home things fell apart.

We were really happy that mom was back. The boys took good care of us, but we ran out of our home cooked grub the last day. Life just wasn’t quite the same without mom.

Mom smelled soooooo good when she came home. She smelled of horses, and the desert, and strange dogs. She smelled of fresh air and happy times.

Ash kept worrying that Jack was going to pee on mom’s suitcase, but Jack was good and behaved himself.

Nellie was so happy to see mom. She tried to jump on mom and fell over.

Then things got busy. Us four mutts can take up a lot of time. First mom cooked up some grub for us. Next there was laundry and housework to catch up on. We begged her not to wash her riding clothes, but she threw them in the washer and made the horse smells disappear. What a waste.

Soon Ash and I got to arguing over who should do the bark. He’s got lots more energy than I do, so I expect him to do most of the barking. But Ash said he was tired of all the responsibility and I should help him out.

Meanwhile Nellie got sick for a few days. She’s better now. Jack had his weekly bath and then it was my turn. Mom can’t manage my superfine undercoat. It always gets knotted and I end up with these hideous hairballs.

Last week I got chauffeured to the salon. Yuck! I do like to look pretty, but I sure hate the process. The brushing goes on for hours until the groomer finally gives up and gives me a warm bath with shampoo and conditioner. It takes me hours to dry, then I get one last brushing. I have to admit I look simply marvelous after my day at the salon.

The neighbor came over last weekend. Mom told Ash to go to his bed and stay there. Me and Jack tried to get Ash to break his command, but he wouldn’t do it. Ash got lots of praise from everybody for being such a good boy.

Life is back to normal now. We get up early while the moon is still low in the sky. We eat our breakfast and sleep while mom writes. Today mom’s taking Ash to town. Just mom and Ash. Everybody knows they’re pals. They’re going to have some special time together. Wish I could go.

Anyway, that’s the news from Asherpark. Don’t expect me to keep up this barking. I told Ash I would help him out this one time, but then he’s got to take over again. Maybe Jack and Nellie will sub for him once in a while. I don’t care. I’m done.

Respectfully barked by Tess.


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  1. Zag,Rhett and Katie, & Dommy on May 2, 2012 at 9:14 pm

    You said it well and hold your ground girl…have to share responsibilities!!! Let them bark you have other things to do!!!!

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