I Was Sick


One day I was fine, the next day I wasn’t so fine. It came on slowly and suddenly I got real bad. You can see from my picture I wasn’t feeling good. Mom put me on the couch so I could relax. She called it my sick bed.

I love my grub, and mom always says I’m a good eater. I’m picky about what I eat, but if I like it I clean my bowl every time.

I didn’t lose my appetite, but my innards got out of whack. First my bombs started to look like something a big bird dumped. Mom watched me real careful and made me a special meal with chicken stock and rice.

After three days of me staggering outside as fast as I could to take care of my business, mom took me off my grub for 24 hours, like the vet says to do. I also took some Immodium, just like people do when they get the runs.

That seemed to help a little. With nothing coming in, there wasn’t much to go out the other end.

When mom started me back on little spoonfuls of rice and stock, all hell broke loose. I had a bunch of accidents in the house. The other mutts sniffed my butt constantly, trying to figure out what was wrong.

Mom called our vet and he gave her some magic powder for me. Its called Panacur. It kills all the bad stuff in your gut. It kills worms and stuff like giardia.

Mom mixed the Panacur powder in my food. I couldn’t even taste it. Boy did it work good. After the first dose I felt so much better. Once I didn’t have to worry about making a mess in the house, I could finally get some good rest.

Nellie and Ash

My pal Ash stayed with me the whole time I was sick. Here’s a picture of me and Ash taking a nap. He sticks real close to me just like Codie told him to do. Us blue dogs. We got a special bond.

Everything is back to normal. I can eat all the stuff I like. Mom thinks I lost a pound or two, so I get an extra helping once a day.

Today it’s sunny and warm. I’m gonna walk around in the pasture and eat some spring grass.

I can hardly believe this will be my second summer at Asherpark. I was supposed to die at the shelter a year ago. But I didn’t because Old Dog Haven stepped in and saved me.

That’s why I look at each day as a gift. I wasn’t supposed to have any more days. I wasn’t supposed to learn what love felt like. I wasn’t supposed to have pals like Ash or people who love me. But I have all of that, and I feel really fine. Yippee!!




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