Can BarkingProse Rise Again?

Journey – Mole Killer

Lately I’ve been thinking about inertia. It makes sense that if you’re in motion it’s easy to stay in motion, but once you’ve stopped it’s hard to restart.

After our dad died me and Journey argued over who was gonna write the barks for BarkingProse. Mom didn’t have the heart for it and neither did we.

Journey tried to boss me and told me I had to do it. I said I would try if she helped, but she didn’t want to. Journey said she had enough on her plate keeping the damn moles from destroying the yard. I said she was just using that as an excuse.

Months went by and BarkingProse was silent. Journey kept busy killing rodents, mostly moles, and I practiced my manners until mom told me I was the best behaved dog she ever had.

Still I knew mom was sad that BarkingProse was offline. I also knew that as sweet as Journey is, she wasn’t gonna help me with the barks. I decided that if I just started writing, even if I didn’t have much to say, maybe I could bring BarkingProse back to life.

So here I am writing about not much of anything except how hard it is to write. Maybe that’s enough for the first bark. Maybe that’s enough to get the energy flowing. Maybe that’s enough to make me want to write again tomorrow.

To be honest I don’t know how to end this bark. It feels weird to be sending my thoughts out into the universe. Who will read them? Will dead people realize I’m writing about them? Will my dad read BarkingProse? Will Asher look back over the rainbow bridge and say, “Well done, Finn. I’m proud of you.”?

I’m trying to get BarkingProse in motion Then I’ll have inertia on my side. Wish me luck and if you have any suggestions, please leave me a comment. Here we go!


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