We Are Family


I’ve been goofing off while mom was gone. I tried working on Codie’s story, but my heart wasn’t in it.

The  only reason it’s any fun posting the DailyBark is cause me and mom do it together. Without my  mom, I’m just barking in the wind.

Me and mom are tight. She’s my best friend. In fact, I don’t argue when the other mutts call me a mama’s boy. I’m proud her and I are such good pals.

I wish my mom would take me to the ranch. I’d be really good once I got over seeing the horses for the first time.

I’d be respectful of the ranch dogs and not make a pest of myself.

Soon as mom gets back from the ranch, I’m gonna talk to her about our family vacation. Maybe we can all go to Best Friend’s sanctuary in Kanab, Utah.

Mostly I want us to hang out together at Asherpark for a while. Jack will go back to sleeping in his big comfy pillow in the bedroom. Nellie will stretch out next to mom. And I’ll irritate the other mutts by tossing my binky around while they are trying to sleep.

I really do want to take a family vacation sometime. But I also love it when we stay home together. Summer will be here soon. We’ll get up early and listen to the owls. Then we’ll eat our warm breakfast. After mom makes her coffee, we’ll go with her to the studio and sleep while she writes.

Sometimes it’s nice when nothing much happens. I like it just fine when our pack enjoys the little things that happen every day. Maybe that’s because we’re family.

I gotta get busy. Mom is coming home tonight and I haven’t been keeping up with my barks. See ya!

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