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Asherpark  is a peaceful five acre homestead located in rural Snohomish County, Washington. Named in honor of our beloved and irrepressible Australian Shepherd, Asher, many treasured dogs have called Asherpark home since 2007.

Our mission at Asherpark has been to care for the “throw away” dogs who were mistreated or abandoned by their people. These ‘rescues’ have come to us through Old Dog Haven, Petfinder, Craigslist, and word of mouth. Asher’s happy presence has calmed and helped all of our rescue dogs recover from abuse and neglect.

Asherpark is a place where dogs are free to live, love, play and blog. At Asherpark the dogs do the blogging in BarkingProse, reflecting on everything from the meaning of life to the dinner menu.

BarkingProse is the voice of the dogs whose journey has brought them to Asherpark. Ash posted his first bark in 2010 and with fits and starts the dogs have been barking and blogging ever since.

In the beginning there were two dog bloggers, Asher and Tess. Over the years many dog souls have passed through Asherpark leaving behind wonderful memories and sometimes silly barks. Dogs who have crossed the rainbow bridge return in spirit to remind those of us still in animate form to live thoughtfully and be kind.

We, the people and dogs at Asherpark, encourage you to wander through the pages of BarkingProse. You can go directly to the post of your favorite barker by selecting the barker’s name at the top of the home page. Or simply read through the posts as they appear, following the insights and adventures of the whole pack.

Thank you for visiting BarkingProse. Comments and suggestions are welcome. We hope you drop by often and find a little dog humor to brighten your day.

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