Person of the Year


There’s no question in my mind. Journey deserves the title Person of the Year!

She’s beautiful, funny, clever, endearing, sensitive and has the heart of a killer.

Journey taught herself how to hunt. When she first caught a rat or a mole, she would toss it around and eventually let it escape. Then one day the rat bit her and that was the end of rodent amnesty. She shook the rat real hard and suddenly the rat was dead.

Journey sniffed the rat for a long time and something in her mind clicked. She knew she now had the power of life or death over the unwanted rodents.

I kinda know what to do when I catch a mouse but I just don’t have the killer instinct. Journey will sit real quiet and watch me play with the mouse. When I lose interest, she saunters over and gives the mouse a quick shake and tosses the dead mouse back to me so I can see it’s a goner. It’s always a goner.

Journey is more independent that I am. When we’re in the yard she’s usually off doing her own thing while I’m keeping an eye on Mom. Journey likes to fence fight with the neighbor dog, but I run to Mom when she calls us to stop barking. Journey always has to have the last word so she’s not so quick to come when called.

I know Journey loves me and always has my back, but she’s kinda goofy. If Mom takes me some place and leaves Journey at home, Journey pitches a fit. She howls and cries and carries on because she didn’t get to go and we’re not together.

When Mom brings me home Journey does her happy dance. She sniffs me and loves on me. Then once she’s sure I’m okay, she beats me up. Go figure! It’s not my fault that Mom took me and not her, but when you’re the Diva I guess you see the world through your own eyes.

I’ve never known life at Asherpark without Journey. She raised me and taught me so much about living in this world. When all is said and done, Journey is my choice for Person of the Year because I love her. She’s my bestie and always will be. Here’s to you Journey!




It’s A New Year

Journey and Finn

Time passes but where does it go? Me and Journey are older now because time marches on taking us with it.

Once in a while Mom says she wishes she could stop time because the moment is so perfect, but she’s never figured out how to do that.

If life were a video she could pause, rewind or fast forward. I asked Mom if she could rewind time, what would she go back to in her life.

Mom said that’s a really hard question to answer. If she went back to when she first met our Dad, me and Journey wouldn’t be here. If she went back to when Ash was alive and healthy, I wouldn’t be here.

Sometimes really sad things happen and you want time to speed up to get to happy times again. But the sad times make you appreciate the happy times even more. It’s all so confusing.

Last night was New Year’s Eve. Mean people in our neighborhood set off fireworks for hours. It doesn’t bother me but it makes Journey crazy in the head. When the noise finally stopped we were all glad time had passed and it was quiet again. It was a relief that Journey stopped barking so we could get some sleep.

This morning is blessedly quiet. Do we appreciate it more because last night was ugly with noise? I think so. But if we didn’t have the noise we’d still be happy for a quiet morning. Like I said, it’s confusing. Good times, bad times, sad times, too much barking, too many tears. It’s all part of life.

I guess the only thing to do is cherish every minute as you live your life. When good things happen, be grateful. When bad stuff happens, be strong. Live like there is no tomorrow because there might not be one. And always remember, life is a sacred journey. That’s why Journey has her name.

Merry Christmas Everybody!

Journey and Finn

Me and Journey kept asking Mom what she wanted for Christmas. We were thinking maybe she’d want something special like a new dog leash or a dog bowl.

Turns out all she wants is us! That’s kinda silly because we’ve been with her since we were pups and we sure don’t plan on going anywhere.

We’re having a little Christmas party this afternoon. Some special friends are coming over and they all have dogs! There’s gonna be dog treats and people food. Us dogs will run around and chase eagles.

It will be so much fun and when everybody goes home me and Journey will jump up on the couch with Mom while she counts her blessings out loud. That’s it for now. All us here at Asherpark wish everybody a happy day. Merry Christmas!