Birthday Boys


Happy Birthday Ash! Can you believe it? Asher is five years old today. I wish it was my birthday.

Mom’s gonna take Ash and Jack out for a birthday drive. They’ll stop some place where they can have a nice walk.

But then – they’re going to the local burger joint! Two small burgers, no onions, no mustard, no ketchup. I wish I could go too, but I’ll be riding with my dad all day.

When it’s your birthday you get to do everything you want. The only rules are no fighting, no mean stuff.

Ash is such a silly boy. He wants to play ball ten times, go for two car rides, have a burger, take a walk and run the fence line. That’s not too much different than a usual day.

There’s one other thing Ash really wants. Since I’m taking care of the bark for today he asked me to give a shout out to his brothers Abel and Arrow. It’s their birthday too! Here’s hoping you brothers get an extra big bone when your mom comes home from work tonight.

Mom says it seems like only yesterday the brothers were small enough to pick up and hold on your lap. Now they’re five years old. That’s almost grown up in dog years.

On this special day I’m sending great big birthday wishes from Asherpark to Arrow and Abel. Happy Birthday all you silly dogs with the “A” names!

Teenager Brothers

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