I’m A Star


I had so much fun on my birthday yesterday. Tess did The DailyBark for me so I wasn’t on deadline.

I played ball at least ten times, ran the fence line, had a long car ride, and gobbled up my own junior burger at the local burger joint.

Halfway through the day I told mom there was something else I wanted to do. I wanted to star in my own movie.

While Mom got out the camera I had to think about the plot. Easy! I grabbed my favorite squeaky ball and went to work.

Here is it. My very first movie starring me, Asher! See for yourself.  Asher Playing Ball Okay, it’s not Oscar material but it was my birthday and I had a good time making the movie.

Today I’m back on deadline. I’d rather be running the fence line chasing that fool neighbor dog Zoey. But Mom won’t let me out to bark until later in the morning when the neighbors are up.

Jack and Tess are sound asleep. Their bellies are full from our nice warm breakfast. Mom is working on the computer and I’m putting a few barks together. It’s not raining. Spring is on its way. Life is good. I’m a happy mutt. Gotta run!

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