Game Time

Tess and Ash

Mom says me and Tess are like some old married couple. We get along great most of the time. Once in a while we have a little spat.

Tess does a lot more talking than me when we’re playing. She likes to talk trash. Tess sounds like she’s gonna kill me, but it’s just her way of having fun.

You know what’s funny? When she tried to kill my little brother Zag, she didn’t make a sound.

I’m an athlete, she’s a couch potato. For a border collie she isn’t very well coordinated. If I give her a good body slam she falls right over. That’s usually when the trash talk starts.

Tess didn’t now how to play with toys when she came to Asherpark. She still looks kinda silly when she plays. Mostly she teases me with the toy until I take it, then she pounces on me.

It’s funny to play tug with her. She holds on real tight and I drag her around the room. Even though we both weigh fifty pounds I’m a lot stronger than her. I try not to hurt her but sometimes mom calls time out when I get too rough.

Jack stays out of the way when Tess and me are playing. Good thing he’s deaf so he doesn’t have to listen to us. One time I ran head first into Jack while I was chasing Tess. Oh boy. Jack didn’t like that one bit. He didn’t say nothing but he sure shot me the stink eye.

Tess knows to keep her distance when our friends the Labradors come to visit. The big Labrador Libby outweighs me by thirty pounds. It’s a fight for survival when me and Libby get going.

Ash and the Labradors

Mom says we’re gonna watch the Superbowl today. That means lots of ball time for me. She always tosses me the ball while she’s watching TV. Just to make sure she’s paying attention, I roll the ball under the couch so she has to crawl around and get it for me.

I can’t wait for game time. Jack will curl up for a nice nap. Tess will stake out her spot on the couch. I’ll line up my favorite balls. Let the games begin!

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