Fur Ball


It started out okay. Mom asked me to climb up on a small table in the garage. I figured she was going to brush my fur and cut out the hairballs.

There were all the normal tools: brushes, combs, scissors and clippers. Ash and Jack were looking pretty nervous but I wasn’t worried. Not then.

Mom began mumbling about my hair balls. My fur is fine as cat hair. The minute it gets wet it clumps into a horrible tangle. When I came from the shelter my skirts had been shaved to the skin.

Mom has cut dozens of hairballs off me. This time she decided to do something drastic. She gave me a full body haircut!

The haircut didn’t hurt or nothing but it tickled and made me nervous. It didn’t help that the boys kept staring at me and whispering back and forth. As mom cut more and more fur off me the dishpan filled up with red and white locks.

Finally mom said she’d done enough damage for one day and let me off the table.

Ash told me not to look in the mirror. Jack pretended he didn’t notice anything different.

I felt a whole lot lighter and there weren’t any hairballs tugging at my skin. When I saw myself in the big hall mirror I wasn’t sure it was me. My dark red hair was gone replaced with strawberry blond fluff.

Once the boys quit laughing at me I think I’ll like my new haircut. Besides, I know Ash is sweet on me with or without fur. That’s what matters.

Stay tuned. Jack gets his spring bath next week and he’ll be spending some time on the table. We’ll see how he likes it! Respectfully, Tess.

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