If you look real close you can see a little pink lump just under the left side of my nose. Mom has been watching this lump real close and decided that it had to come off.

Mind you I could care less about a silly little lump. But many years ago mom found lumps on Codie and they turned out to be mast cell tumors. Now she won’t take any chances.

I knew this lump was no big deal, but there was no talking mom out of her decision to have Dr. Brad remove it.

So off we went to the vet. We had to take Jack with us because the big crybaby can’t be left alone. As soon as I got to the vet I remembered what they did to me the last time. They always stick something up channel nine, but last time they drugged me and pulled a seed out of my ear canal. That was no fun!

Dr. Brad thought he could zap the lump with electricity. But whenever I heard the buzz sound I jerked around. Dr. Brad decided he would grab the lump and clip it off. I sat real still for that after he told me it wouldn’t hurt. Dr. Brad said the kind of lump I had doesn’t have nerve cells and I wouldn’t even notice anything. He was right.

Before I knew what happened he clipped that little pink lump right off my muzzle. He quick put some stuff on the spot so I wouldn’t bleed. In no time I was back with mom in the waiting room. I was soooo happy to see her I jumped right into her lap.

I said a quick good bye to Dr. Brad and hopped in the car with Jack while mom paid the bill. I fell asleep on the drive home. Soon as we got out of the car mom gave me a frozen turkey neck to help me feel better.

I hardly noticed I had major surgery. The lump was nothing to worry about and I’m gonna be just fine. Life is very very good. Thanks Dr. Brad!

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