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It’s unfortunate that I’m so self absorbed. I’m not sure why I am that way. Jack says I act like a pampered little princess sometimes. I believe that is true.

You see the split down my face. It’s like my personality has two sides too. I can be the most kind and loving friend. then I’ll suddenly act like a little brat.

It’s a good thing that Ash and Jack are patient with me. They’re so easy going they just ignore my bad behavior.

Every morning I go in the truck with dad to get the paper. The boys never complain. If dad goes to town, I go with him. Sometimes he picks up a buddy of his and I have to ride in the back seat. That really annoys me.

This past week we had some guest dogs. The three Labradors that Ash likes so much. Everything was fine until Pepper decided she wanted to sit on the couch. Not on my couch! I shot her the stink eye and forced her back.

Unfortunately mom was there and she saw the whole thing. She made me sit politely while Pepper climbed on the couch. I was mad and humiliated at the same time. Pepper shot me a sly smile and took up her place right next to dad. I was fuming. I started pacing around and acting real agitated.

I forgot mom was still watching when I growled at one of the blondes to keep her distance. That was it. I had to lie quietly by dad’s feet and cut out all the stink eye stuff.

That was the worst part. I’m part border collie. I have a stink eye gene that was developed to keep the sheep in line. Since we don’t have any sheep, I use it on people and dogs to get my way. I hate it when mom says no stink eye.

Well, I’m getting tired talking about me. I’d better go see what the boys are doing. They may be getting too much attention.

Respectfully, Tess

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