Barker’s Block


I’m writing this for Ash. Poor guy. He’s had barker’s block for a week now. I thought he could get over it in a couple of days, but the longer it goes on the more defeated he feels.

I shoulda stepped in sooner, but I didn’t want Ash to think we’d lost confidence in him. He was doing real well, posting a bark every day in September like he promised. Then he hit the wall.

Ash barked earlier about Codie and her rose. He said Codie came to him from beyond the rainbow bridge and told him she would put thoughts in his head if he stayed real still.

Because she doesn’t wear her fur any longer, she chose a rose as her sign. Last week three new roses appeared. They’re a beautiful salmon color, chosen by Codie because she liked the taste of salmon so much. When Ash saw the roses he got real quiet. He started listening to the wind and spending lots of time thinking about the past.

I told him the past is inside him. It’s part of his life today. I told him not to dwell on the past but be grateful for the good part and forget about the rest.

I know something about having a past. Most of my life I lived with people who didn’t take very good care of me. I’ve got the scars to prove it. But when my luck changed and I came to Asherpark, I left the bad stuff behind.

If Ash wants to hear Codie, he has to stop trying so hard. He has to let his spirit run free and Codie will catch up with him when he least expects it.

Ash feels real low that he broke his promise about a bark every day in September. But he’s only a week behind. Tess and I decided that we can make up those barks in no time. She’s busy barking out a bunch of news right now. We’ll have to back date our barks till we get caught up, but I don’t think anybody will mind. Once we get current Ash can take over again.

Ash said he’s really grateful for the help. I understand that but it’s no big deal. You help your pals when they need you. They’ll do the same for you. It’s what makes for a good strong pack. Anyway, that’s the news for today. Stay tuned.

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