The Rest of the Story

Tess and Jack

Me and Tess are helping Ash out this week while he gets over his barker’s block. I got on Tess a little bit because she was supposed to finish her bark two days ago.

She finally posted her bark yesterday. I guess she was feeling kinda guilty because she barked a lot about her bad self. I’m not disagreeing that Tess has a bad self, but there’s a lot more to her.

See the picture of me and Tess. It was taken a few weeks after I came to Asherpark. I was still messed up in the head. I didn’t know whether they’d keep me, or if I would really be accepted into the pack.

Tess and I got into a few times over treats. Once she jumped me in the yard. I put her down and had her by the throat when I thought better of it and let her go.

This is my favorite picture of me and Tess. See her paw on mine? She was trying to tell me everything would be okay. She wasn’t mad at me about our food fights. That simple little gesture meant the world to me. I almost started to cry.

Over time Tess has become a really good friend. Once when a guest dog attacked me, Tess jumped in to protect me. We understand each other and like hanging out together.

Tess is a complicated girl. She can be devious and self centered. That’s her stink eye side. But she’s also sweet, gentle, loyal and brave. I love Tess. I hope she knows it.

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