Quiet Listening


Ash feels like he’s letting us down. Since Codie put it in his head that she would bark to him, he spends hours by the gate hoping to sense her presence.  He tries real hard to be still so he can hear her silent barking.

Ash has always been a busy dog so it’s hard for him to stay still. He’s the first to greet a visitor, the first to bark at the neighbor dog. Wherever there’s action you’ll find Ash. He’s got a sheepdog mind and he’s always watching.

Maybe Codie chose Asher as her listener because he needs to learn how to be quiet. He’s such an extrovert. It’s gonna be tough for him. But he wants so much to hear Codie, he’ll do anything to make it happen.

I was born with the gift of quiet listening. Once I’ve barked enough to satisfy myself, I’ll sit real still and watch. I don’t miss much. When mom’s upset I sit right in front of her and stare into her eyes. Then she tells me her troubles. I give her a little kiss and she feels much better.

Jack’s the best listener in the pack even though he’s deaf. He listens with his soul. We know that Ash can learn to listen quietly because he has so much heart. We’re gonna start practicing with him this afternoon. First he has to run the goats around and play a little ball. Then he’ll be ready for a lesson. Any maybe while he’s practicing he might hear Codie. I hope so.

Respectfully, Tess.

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