The Twins

The Twins

Lately we’ve been barking about some serious stuff – the rainbow bridge, quiet listening, memories…Tess and me decided I should bark something fun today.

What’s more fun than my goofy pals, the evil twins? If you’ve been following our barks, you know Tess joined the pack last August.

Tess didn’t now how to play but Ash was real patient with her and taught her his favorite games. Here they are a couple of days ago.

Sometimes they play the mouth game and make silly sounds. Other times they’re real sweet with each other, like two young lovers.

The Sheepdog's Eye

All the snarling and jumping around used to make me real nervous. But now I know it’s just their way of having a good time. It sure makes the humans laugh.

Ash gets wild sometimes. He makes like a whirling dervish. After about five circles he’s lost his mind. Then he tears out the door and runs laps around the backyard.

Tess knows to get out of his way. Once she didn’t move fast enough and he knocked her flat. Oh, she was mad, but we were all laughing so hard she didn’t get much sympathy. I think Ash was laughing too.

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