What Now?


I like to remember Codie in her fur coat. She had thick curly hair and bright amber eyes. Mom used to call her Princess Amber Eyes.

There are so many stories about Codie. That’s what happens when you are chosen by a forever family and you live to be sixteen. So many years together. So many memories.

About six months before she died Codie agreed to write her life’s story. Why she waited so long I do not know. Perhaps she really did not want to bark about herself.

Yesterday Codie came back to us. She chose a beautiful rose to mark her return. She called it her signature.  I did not see her but I knew that she was present. I felt her spirit and was comforted.

Codie can put her thoughts in my head. If I am very still my quiet self can hear her silent barking.  Codie said she will pass her thoughts to me so that I can tell the others.

I’m not sure why Codie chose me as her listener. I’ve always been a little wild, and hardly introspective. But I am honored and will do my very best. Tess and Jack said they will help me. They already have experience at quiet listening and will teach me. I am ready Codie. I am listening.


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