He’s Crazy


This morning Ash woke up a little crazy. He grabbed a slipper on his way out of the bedroom. That’s not unusual. But before we even had breakfast he was acting goofy.

He jumped up on a chair and challenged us to try and get him. Then he jumped down and landed on Jack. Poor Jack didn’t know what hit him.

Ash nipped Sherm’s his ear and the chase was on. Ash and Sherm went tearing around the yard and through the house. When Ash flew out the door he ran smack into me and rolled me over.

Sherm got tired chasing him. I just sat down to watch the idiot boy. Jack went and stood by Mom. Round and round and around he went. His eyes were crazy with joy. Nobody wanted to play that much and none of us can keep up with him anyway. He finally remembered it was time to eat, but then we all had to wait for him to calm down before we could have our meal.

While we were all eating, Mom went outside. Ash gobbled up his breakfast and then swiped an empty tuna can from the counter. He worked it over pretty good before he gave it to Jack. Mom caught Jack in the midst of the crime, but she knew it wasn’t Jack who helped himself. Of course it was Ash. He’s been surfing the counter a lot lately. He puts his front paws on the counter like a guy at a bar ordering a drink. Mom tries to scold him but he knows she doesn’t mean it when she’s laughing.

So that was our morning. How did your day start? Respectfully, Tess.

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