The Big Man


It’s hard to remember when Sherman wasn’t part of our pack. When he first arrived Jack wasn’t too sure about him, but he’s settled in and we all get along fine now.

Sherm may weigh twice as much as me, but he’s a gentle giant. He plays with his stuffies and doesn’t rip their bellies out like I do. Mom even let him have my favorite squirrel one day when he was feeling sad.

Sherm and Stuffie

Sherm has really good manners. He doesn’t swipe food and he doesn’t jump on people. Good thing, since he’s as big as a person.

Sherm and I play hide and seek. Naturally I’m the one who hides. We don’t have anything big enough to hide Sherm. First we chase each other around the yard. I race around the barn and when he’s not looking I dive into a bush. I peek out to see if he knows where I am. He looks all around for me. When he looks the other way, I dash right past him and the chase is on again.

Sherm gets all worked up when Tess and I play the mouth game. He wants to play but he doesn’t know how. He gets extra pets since he can’t play our game and usually he gets invited up on the couch. Tess doesn’t want him on the couch because he takes up too much space. But Tess doesn’t always get her way.

Sherm brought some really fine treats with him. That’s always a good thing to bring special treats to share with the house dogs. That way we get off to a good start. I asked Sherm if he had anything to bark about. He said he’s not much for barking unless he hears a siren. Then he howls like a wolf. Too funny! Gotta run.

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