I was thinking the other day that out of all us dogs at the house, I’m the only one chosen as a puppy and raised by my mom. Here’s me when I was still at my birth home in eastern Washington. I was the only blue dog in the litter but because I have the fading gene, I shouldn’t make my own pups. That’s how come my mom got me.

Baby Asher

Five weeks after I was born I knew who was going to raise me. Oh, I didn’t know what that really meant, but I remember being told my new family lived in Seattle. My mom came to see me and held me on her lap. I smelled an older dog on her clothes. That turned out to be my Aunt Codie, who taught me much of what I know.

Because my mom is friends with people who have my brothers, I got to go back to my birth home and see my family once in a while. Here’s a picture of me with my dad, Bug. He died young, shortly after this picture was taken. Nobody knows why.

Father and Son

I’ve had an easy life compared to Tess and Jack. I’ve always had the same people around me. I don’t worry that I’ll get left somewhere. I’ve had plenty to eat and a warm place to sleep. My people even make sure I have toys and fun in my life.

My mom tells stories about me when I was a puppy. Nobody can tell those stories for Jack and Tess. It’s like part of their lives got lost along the way and they were reborn when they came to Asherpark.

I’m glad we’re making a home for pals like Tess and Jack. We’ve got room for someone else when the right barker comes along. I’m voting for another Aussie. What do you think? Gotta run.

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