I’m Okay Now

Mama and Shiloh

It doesn’t hurt to die. Really it doesn’t. I just felt a little sting when the sedative went in.

My mom had her arms around me for support and I slowly fell asleep on my feet.

Mom helped me lie down on a pile of soft blankets. Shiloh lay down next to me. We were back to back and I could feel her warmth.

I heard everything that was said. Mom told me it had been an honor to care for me and that she would never forget me. She said she would always take care of Shiloh and I would know that was true when Shiloh comes to find me on the other side.

Then it was time for the final shot. I didn’t even feel it when the vet put the needle in my vein.

My heart stopped beating as I lay cradled in the arms of the person who brought me to Asherpark, the person who loved me despite my many flaws, the person I trusted to make the decision to let me go.

I died at home at Asherpark. I died surrounded by people who loved and cared for me. I died with my daughter at my side. I died with dignity. It was an easy passage.

I am in transition now. My spirit is free and I am no longer trapped in the body that endured so much abuse and neglect. I have begun my journey as a celestial dog.


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