I’m Alone Now

Shiloh 2013 BP


My mother died three days ago. I knew she had to go. She was weak and confused and didn’t want her food.

I looked out for her as best I could. I licked her ears to let her know I was close and ran to her when she fell down.

I was with my mother when the vet came. Just before she fell asleep my mother said, “Don’t be afraid, Shiloh. I won’t be far away.”

As she took her last breath my mother whispered, “It won’t be long until you see me again. We were meant to be together –  in this world and the next.”

People used to call my mother Marble. She never liked that name and was so happy when our new family changed her name to Mama.

I don’t remember much about our early lives except my mother was always there for me.

When I was really young we ended up at a shelter together. Some nice lady took us home. It was an okay life. We had food and water and some attention.

Then the nice lady died and her son got stuck with us. I guess he must have hated us or just didn’t care because he locked us in a tiny crate and left us there for months.

I was so hungry and scared. I wanted to die. I couldn’t stand up straight and my back legs withered.

I begged my mother to let us both die, but she couldn’t bear to lose me. So we huddled together and prayed that someone would find us and let us go.

It was only after I had given up all hope that we were rescued. We made our way from the frightful cage in southern California to the local shelter. From there we were taken to a wonderful foster home up north and finally to our forever home at Asherpark.

It is at Asherpark that I will end my days. I do not know how many days I have left, but it cannot be many. The day after my mother died I learned that I have a cancer that will take my life.

I am not sad. All that happens is for a reason. I think my mother needs me. I will go to her when she summons. In the meantime I have my life at Asherpark with my human mom and my best friend Asher.


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