Mama Eleanora

Mama Eleanora

Mama Eleanora

My name is Mama Eleanora. How I came to have this elegant name is a long story, which I shall begin to tell. But first I must provide some background.

My daughter Shiloh and I spent years together in a cage in southern California. For reasons I shall never understand, we had been adopted as strays only to be abused by our rescuer.

We were near death when the authorities found us. Shiloh weighed only fifteen pounds and could barely walk. She had lost all interest in food and life.

The only thing that sustained us through this misery was our bond. Though she could barely raise her head, Shiloh would still growl to protect me. My precious little daughter cared more for me than for herself.

The man who treated us so terribly was arrested on an outstanding warrant. He gladly gave us up rather than face additional charges for animal cruelty.

The next days were filled with confusion and fear. We were taken to a shelter where we were separated. Taken away from me, Shiloh refused to eat. Fortunately the authorities recognized their mistake and arranged for us to go into foster care together.

Slowly our lives began to improve. Shiloh became attached to our new benefactor and began to eat. I was stronger physically than Shiloh, but having endured more years of abuse I was literally afraid of my own shadow.

I knew Shiloh stood a good chance of being adopted because of her bright sunny face. My brooding dark looks and my almost furtive behavior made it unlikely anyone would want me. While I could not bear the thought of losing Shiloh, I wanted her to have a forever home even if it was without me.

We were listed on Petfinder as Marble and Shiloh, (The California Girls), with a video that showed our miserable condition. To my shock and delight, the rescue group insisted that we be adopted together. Many people called about Shiloh, but when they were told I had to come too, no one wanted us.

One day a lady called from far away. I had never heard of Washington State. I listened as our foster mom talked with the woman from Washington. I could hardly believe my ears. She had seen my face on Petfinder and wanted me.

At first I thought it was a joke. Nobody had ever wanted me before. Shiloh was trembling with fear and joy. The woman said she would take both of us. Shiloh and I would go to a place called Asherpark where we would be fed and loved and spend the rest of our lives.

There were many calls back and forth. Our foster mom told the lady from Asherpark about our habits and medical history. Then came the day we were put into a crate and told we were going to our forever home.

Shiloh and I huddled together fearing the worst. Nothing good ever came from being in a crate. We were loaded onto a van with other dogs and drove off into the night. Our future awaited us, but what would we find when we arrived? The first thing I found was a new name, Mama Eleanora.



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