A New Beginning

Mama & Shiloh

Mama & Shiloh

Our first few days at Asherpark were scary. Everything was new and we didn’t know who to trust. People and dogs came and went.

Shiloh and I didn’t know where to go to feel safe, so we usually curled up together for comfort.

The boy dogs were nice to us from the beginning. Ash invited Shiloh to play, but he was so wild it scared her to death. I had to laugh out loud watching him twirl around to get her attention while Shiloh looked on in horror.

Jack wandered over to say hello, but it was clear he had no interest in getting to know us.

From the time we arrived, I had a bad feeling about the red female, Tess. She strutted right up to us and announced she was boss dog. I said that was fine with me and looked away.

Unfortunately my little daughter sassed her and told her not to mess with me. Tess bristled with anger as she sauntered off.

When it was determined that I had very little hearing, my new family changed my name from Marble to Mama. Many of their friends had remarked that “Marble” sounded too cold and lifeless.

Honestly I never liked the name Marble. I am not a stone. It’s true that I am stoic, but I still have deep feelings and great longing.

Because I was so attentive to my daughter and obviously was a dog with no pretensions, my new family decided to call me Mama.

While I have not always been able to provide a safe and stable home for my daughter, I never stopped loving her and caring about her happiness and well being. I was pleased with my new name as it pays tribute to my role as Shiloh’s mother.

For the first few months at Asherpark I was known simply as Mama. My new family spoke my name with warmth and tenderness.

Last month a special friend came to visit. Her name is Liz but everyone knows her as Jack’s girlfriend. I don’t quite understand how a nondescript dog like Jack ended up with a beautiful girlfriend, but that’s a story for another day.

I liked Liz the moment I met her. She knelt down to greet me and told me I have the dark good looks of a Spanish beauty. I didn’t know exactly what that meant, but it sounded very nice and I was happy for the compliment.

A day or two into her visit, Liz said I should have a middle name. All manner of names were tossed about until the lady of the house said she really loved the name Eleanor. Her own mother was named Eleanor and she still has a great fondness for that name.

Given that everyone now agreed I am indeed a Spanish beauty, an extra “a” was added to Eleanor to make the name more romantic sounding. That is how I became Mama Eleanora.

I must confess I never thought I would have such a lyrical name. To think that I am named after the beloved mother of the lady of Asherpark thrills me no end. Mama Eleanora – how lovely. A new name, a new life.






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