I feel violated and I am not one bit happy! Perhaps everything was done with good intentions, but I did not appreciate the poking and prodding of my personal areas.

For several years I have had intermittent bouts of chewing and scratching in areas best left unmentioned.

At first it was thought that my anal sacs were impacted, so I had to endure the proverbial finger up my butt to squeeze out the nasty material. While this did provide some relief, it was not sufficient to eradicate the symptoms.

I was treated for fleas, but there was never any indication that I or others at Asherpark play host to the hideous little insects.

I was bathed with special products designed to reduce itching. Topical sprays were applied, including some with cortisone. Ointments were rubbed in places where only my tongue should go. I would get better and then revert to chewing and licking.

Recently the symptoms increased to the point where I was obsessed with chewing myself. I attacked my personal areas with such frenzy that the people ordered me to stop. I couldn’t stop even if I wanted to. The itching was driving me insane.

While I was chewing myself incessantly, Jack was wandering around panting and looking miserable. He has bad teeth which allow his tongue to protrude making him look senile and idiotic.

Because of his age the vet is reluctant to subject Jack to surgery, so Jack periodically takes antibiotics to keep the infection in his mouth under control.

Everything came to a head a few days ago when mom scheduled a vet appointment for me and Jack. When we arrived at the clinic, mom told the vet there had to be something wrong with me because I was obsessed with chewing my female parts.

I could hardly believe my ears when mom asked Dr. Brad to examine my whatsy. I was so embarrassed, I wanted to disappear.

Mom tried to distract me while Dr. Brad poked and prodded and squeezed. After what seemed like forever, Dr. Brad stood up and declared that I likely have a mild infection. I’m to take antibiotics in hopes that my chewing myself will stop. I am also to take some anti anxiety/calming pills to reduce my obsessive behavior.

I couldn’t get out of the clinic fast enough. I have never been so humiliated in my life. Imagine how you would feel with someone examining your most private areas while others looked on. The indignity of it all!!

I leapt into the car before the door was fully open, nearly knocking myself unconscious. At least the worst was over. I could retreat to Asherpark, where Ash would lick my face and ask me why I was so upset.

I will take the silly calming pills and the daily antibiotics. I will try not to think about my whatsy and how stupid I felt being examined on the floor of the vet clinic. I will hold a good thought in hopes that I begin to feel better. I will report more later. For now I must have a good sulk. I am not happy – not at all.



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