Crazy Good Fun!



You won’t believe what happened last night…..Shiloh and me spent fifteen minutes playing the mouth game and rough housing with each other.

I know it’s hard to believe. I didn’t believe it at first myself.

We had all just finished dinner. With a full belly I get a sudden burst of energy and usually run laps around the living room. This time I had my rope tug in my mouth and was dancing on my back with my feet in the air.

Mom was sitting on a little stool at ground level so us mutts could get real close to her.

Next thing I knew Shiloh made a play bow and then lay down next to me with her head across my neck. I was looking right at mom when it happened. Mom burst out laughing because she says my eyes got big as saucers.

I waited a minute to make sure I didn’t misunderstand what Shiloh was doing. When she made a second bow, I knew it was for real.

I bounced up and started turning circles. Mom calls it my whirling dervish act. Next I bumped Shiloh real careful so she wouldn’t fall over. She responded just right by grabbing at my fur.

Mama ran out of the room when me and Shiloh started acting crazy, but pretty soon she came back to watch the fun.

Round and round we went. I twirled and darted. Shiloh slammed me a couple times, mouthed my neck, and fell on top of me when I got down on the floor. It was so exciting.

After a while I could see that Shiloh was getting tired. I ran outside, did a couple of laps around the back yard, quick dug in my favorite spot, then flopped on the patio to cool off.

Shiloh was breathing hard but she had the biggest smile on her face I’d ever seen. I was so happy for that little mutt. After all she’s been through she still wants to play. I sure love that little gal.

It’s extra special that Shiloh trusts me enough to play with me. I tried my best not to bump her too hard and always let her get the best position for the mouth game.

After we cooled off, Mama and Shiloh went to their safe place in the studio to relax. Shiloh crawled into her bunk and fell asleep right away.



Mama had this dreamy look on her face. Imagine watching your daughter nearly starve to death then nine months later see her fat and happy playing bump and run at Asherpark.

I sure hope Shiloh asks me to play with her again. We gotta have some more crazy good fun!




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