They’re Here!!

082Marble and Shiloh, the rescue mutts from California, arrived on Friday. Seeing them in their crate in the back of the truck made me shiver.

It’s a long story and one that’s hard to hear. Marble and Shiloh were discovered when police served a warrant on a bad guy. The guy went to jail and the mutts went free. Now that’s justice.

Marble and Shiloh had been kept in a tiny cage and starved almost to death. Just when their time was about to run out, they got lucky. The bad guy signed over his rights to the dogs.

The local animal control took the mutts into custody. They were in the doggie slammer in southern California until this wonderful rescue group came and got them.

Animal Friends Rescue Project in Pacific Grove, CA took the girls into their care. Check out their website: Animal Friends Rescue Project. If you go to their Facebook page AFRP Facebook, you’ll see Marble front and center on their wall! AFRP also posted the girls on Petfinder. Mom saw Marble’s sorry face and the rest is history.

Before the girls arrived mom talked to each one of us. Mom asked Tess to be patient and not give the girls a bad time. She told Jack his place in the pack is secure and he shouldn’t worry that we’re adding a couple more mouths to feed.

Then it was my turn. Mom took my head in her hands and kissed my snout. She looked deep into my eyes and told me I had to help the new girls feel safe at Asherpark. Mom asked me to show them around the big front yard and keep them company. Mom promised we would still go on long walks and I would always be her lead dog.

I gave mom a big slurpy kiss and knocked her on her butt. She grabbed my neck and we rolled around on the floor until she pinned me. Then she whispered in my ear how much she loves me. Those are my favorite times. Me and mom playing on the floor. I could pin her if I tried, but I always let her win. It’s more fun that way.

We didn’t know until Marble and Shiloh arrived that they are mother and daughter. Marble is the mom and seems like she’s always keeping an eye on her daughter, Shiloh. The first meal they had at Asherpark Marble stood watch while Shiloh ate and then finished up what was in the bowl.

We’ve spent the last two days getting used to each other. The new girls have some strange habits. Shiloh likes to lie in the wet grass and Marble likes to wrestle with the dog beds.

So far we haven’t had any arguments. We’re trying to give each other time and space to sort things out. I think we’re gonna be okay. I know how much the new mutts need a place like Asherpark. Us house dogs want them to get better and enjoy some good times. Keep your fingers crossed. These are a couple sorry dogs that really need a break.

Marble and Shiloh




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