It’s a Go



Me and mom just got off the phone with the rescue lady in California. Mom told me I could listen but I couldn’t say nothing.
That’s just as well. I was so excited I could hardly think straight.

Mom explained that our pack talked it over and we want to give those two mutts a chance to enjoy life at Asherpark.

Mom talked about what an honor it had been to care for Nellie and that our hearts are big enough to take in two Aussies that were treated terrible mean by some bad guy.

Mom said me and Jack would be just fine with any new dogs, but we had to make sure that Tess didn’t get a mad on with the newcomers. Tess told me privately that she would mind her manners, but she told me that once before a big fight.

Marble and Shiloh are coming up on a transport truck with some other rescue dogs. The lady driving the truck is gonna bring Marble and Shiloh to Asherpark. She’ll check us out and see if she thinks Marble and Shiloh will fit in and be happy here.

Me and Jack will say howdy to the new mutts and then do some precision pissing in the front yard. Tess will strut and act all important and make sure the new dogs understand she is the queen. If Marble and Shiloh are smart, they’ll be real pleasant to Tess and not give her any lip. Once Tess decides they’re not gonna make a power grab, she’ll be happy and run off to see what me and Jack are doing.

If it looks like we can all get along, Marble and Shiloh will stay with us on a trial basis. If in a couple of weeks things aren’t working out too well, Marble and Shiloh will catch the next transport back to California.

I hope, hope, hope they like it here. Me and mom and dad really really want them to stay at Asherpark and have a good life. So all of you out there that think Marble and Shiloh should live at Asherpark, send a good thought.

Maybe if we all concentrate on Marble and Shiloh being happy, things will work out good and we’ll have a nice big pack with some new friends. Ha ha, that makes me laugh out loud. Oops, forgot to tell you Marble and Shiloh will probably come up the middle of April. Yippee!!





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