They’re Staying!

Mama Marble

Mama Marble

Marble and Shiloh arrived a week ago. It seems like they’ve been here forever. We were worried before they came that they wouldn’t get along with Tess, but there’s not been any rumbles. Tess has been minding her manners.

Shiloh knows her name and comes when you call her. We think Marble is deaf. She doesn’t look at you when you say her name or make a loud noise. We figured if she’s deaf we could change her name. We’re gonna call her Mama since she’s always looking after little Shiloh.

Mama and Shiloh. Now they got license plates that have their names and our phone number. It even says ‘reward’ on their tags in case anybody finds them and wants money to bring them back.

They’re goofy dogs. Here they were starved almost to death but they don’t care much about their grub. Mom was worried about them the first few days because they wouldn’t eat hardly anything. Now they politely slurp their home cooked gruel and special dried food that they came with.

Mom offered Mama a turkey neck a couple of days ago, and Mama turned her nose up at it. Can you believe that? I woulda grabbed that neck and run off with it if it was offered to me.

Shiloh is real protective of Mama. If people or dogs get too close to Mama, Shiloh growls real low. We try not to laugh, but it’s kinda funny.



Shiloh likes toys, but she can’t have them around Tess. Shiloh wants to protect her toy and Tess doesn’t want her to have toys, so you can see the rub.

We can work around little problems like that. Shiloh can have her toys when meanie Tess is out with dad.

Jack’s not happy to have extra dogs in the house. He’d rather be the only dog, but he’s so easy going he puts up with it.

Since I’m still mom’s lead dog, it’s fine with me. See bringing Mama and Shiloh into our pack keeps us connected to our spirit dogs.

Jesse, Codie, Darcy and Nellie have crossed the bridge, but they still care about what happens at Asherpark.

Remember Codie arranged to get Nellie off death row and sent her to Asherpark. Well, I think knowing how much we all loved Nellie and how much we miss her is why we went looking for some other worn out mutts who needed a home.

People say we’re doing something special to take in these sorry old mutts. What they don’t understand is how much joy the mutts bring us. Asherpark is a happier place when we’ve got mutts that need special attention. Mom tells me we always get more than we give by caring for these dogs.

Just to make sure you’ve been paying attention, I’m gonna say it one more time. It’s official. Shiloh and Mama are staying at Asherpark!






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