Big Time Decision



Since Nellie left us life has settled into an easy routine. We get mom up every morning at 4am sharp. If she doesn’t roll out of bed Tess and Jack mix it up and then Jack pisses in the corner.

Mom can’t ever go back to sleep after we wake her up, so our day gets off to a nice early start.

Me and Tess get our breakfast in the garage. We don’t stand around in the kitchen the way we used to because a while back we got into a noisy smack down rumble.

Jack now eats in the kitchen by himself. Mom keeps him company and usually surfs the web while he’s eating. One day mom was looking at the PetFinder site. Guess what dog she always looks for? You got it! Aussies.

Mom was thinking she’d take a break from bringing more sorry rescue dogs into our pack, but then she found Marble, the sorriest Aussie mutt you ever saw. Here’s her picture.


See those sad eyes? That’s a mutt that’s had a tough life. Marble has a sidekick named Shiloh, and they’re a package deal. If you watch this video, you’ll understand why they can’t be separated. Shiloh needs a special home too.

Mom and dad talked it over. They both said Asherpark is the perfect place for worn out dogs. So mom called the rescue people in California and learned more about Marble and Shiloh. They’re gonna send us some medical records for Shiloh.

In a day or two we’re gonna have a family meeting and talk it over. Then we’ll make the big decision. Me and Jack are fine with it. Tess has to promise she’ll mind her manners and not get uppity with the new mutts. It would mean a lot to offer Marble and Shiloh a chance to be happy forever. I hope it works out. If you keep reading our barks, you’ll be the first to know.

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