Last night us four mutts got left home when mom and dad went out for the evening. They went to see their good friends who like to cook. After one of those dinners, there’s always a bunch of leftovers. This time there was little pieces of prime rib.

Usually mom hand feeds us treats from the leftovers. This time she said she was going to use the prime rib leftovers when she made kibble. We were so bummed out. Not a single taste of meat from the leftovers. But we got over that pretty quick when we got big bowls of our home cooked grub.

Early this morning mom started cooking. Seems she’d been reading and reading about how to make kibble. She bought a bunch of weird stuff we don’t usually have like brown rice flower and wheat germ.

Mom had been saving other leftovers too. There was a little grease from when she cooked our hamburger the last time. There were blueberries, an elderly banana, eggs from our very own hens, and some other stuff I can’t remember.

By 6am the smells were driving us crazy. Mom put all the smooshy stuff in the fry pan with a tube of ground turkey. When that was nice and juicy she dumped it into a food processor. Next went the brown rice flower, flax seed meal, wheat germ, kelp powder, salt substitute, and a couple of eggs.

The food processor mixed it all together into a gooey brown paste. Then mom spread the paste on some cookie sheets and put it in the oven. Now the smells are driving us nuts again. Mom says the stuff has to bake for a couple of hours at a low temperature. Then it sits in the oven for another few hours to get good and crunchy.

Once it comes out of the pan you’re supposed to whack it with a big spoon or hammer to break it into little pieces. I can’t wait to have it for dinner tonight.

It’s a lot of work to make our grub. There’s the gruel we always get. Now we’ll have the home cooked kibble instead of the stuff that comes in a bag. Mom says she’s gonna make our treats too. Mix all that stuff with a frozen turkey neck every few days and you’ve got some happy, happy mutts. If the kibble turns out as good as we think it will, she might even let us post her recipe. Bon Appetit!


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