Silly Time


Do you see what mom did to me with the camera? She gets right up into my face so my nose looks a foot long. I knew it was bad when she started giggling right after she took the picture.

I asked her please to throw the picture away. No way. So here it is above the fold in the DailyBark.

Well, I guess we can use a little silliness. It hasn’t been the easiest time at Asherpark lately. If you’ve been reading the barks, you know Nellie has been real sick. We almost made ourselves sick worrying about her.

Nellie just finished another medicine to help her get better. She’s took that drug called Metronidazole that us mutts need when we get giardia.

Her constant running outside has stopped. Now she can rest real quiet on the rug next to mom. Nellie is catching up on some of the sleep she lost when she was always running to the bathroom.

Yesterday me and Jack and Tess got frozen turkey necks to clean our teeth. Nellie couldn’t have one cause her gut is messed up. I felt real bad for her, but she said she was happy to get a piece of bread. That’s what I love about Nellie. It takes so little to make her happy.

Today was the first day in a long time when it didn’t rain. Me and mom played long ball in the front yard forever. It was so much fun.

Then mom said she had to mow the grass. She got the power push mower she uses for the tight spots. It pushes itself going forward but she really has to muscle it around when she wants to go in reverse.

Tess hates that mower. Whenever mom starts it up, Tess barks like she’s insane. I act like I’m gonna bark, but I usually don’t.

Soon as mom had the mower going I ran and got my tennis ball. Every time mom had to change directions or pull the mower backwards, I dropped my ball right in her path. She can’t go forward until the ball is gone, so she motions for me to put it in her hand. Then she throws it as far as she can.

It’s too goofy. I know she’s half mad at me but she also thinks it’s kinda funny. If anybody was watching her from a distance, they’d wonder what the heck she was doing. Push the mower. Pull the mower. Bend over. Stick her hand out. Throw the ball real so she can quick maneuver the mower to the next spot. Me, I’m laughing the whole time.

Once I asked mom why she doesn’t get mad at me. She said she loves how smart and devious I am. I figured out how to make her pay attention to me and do what I want. She says that’s pretty darn smart.

We finished mowing the grass then took a little time out together. I put my smelly ball right next to mom so she would have it for our next game. She said “Yuck!” and quick washed her hands. Too much dog slobber on the ball, she said.

What a great day. Later we’re gonna train for a while. I get to watch Tess make a fool of myself. Mom said I can’t laugh even if Tess makes a big mistake. That’s okay. I’ll laugh at Tess later when just the two of us are together.

Oops, gotta go. That fool neighbor dog is getting way to close to our fence. I’m gonna go bark some trash at her.


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