Yesterday Nellie barked about the homemade kibble mom was making for us. This morning I’m barking about how good it tasted.

OMG! It’s the most wonderful stuff in the world. It took forever to bake. Us mutts had to smell it for hours. It made us crazy.

Mom didn’t know how long it had to bake because she made up the recipe. She figured she would bake it until it looked nice and crunchy.

One time mom pulled it out of the oven and we thought we were about to taste it. But all she did was cut it in little squares and put it back in the oven.

After three hours of slow baking it was finally done. But could we have some? Oh no. It was too hot and had to cool for an hour.

After we had given up all hope of ever getting a taste, mom called us together. It was like a religious ceremony. She carefully slipped a bite into each of our mouths.

I gobbled mine right away. Tess took hers real polite like she always does. Jack had to smell it first before he was willing to try it. Little Nellie couldn’t find it even though mom had it right under her nose. Mom finally quick shoved it in Nellie’s open mouth.

Nellie’s eyes got real big. She started prancing around begging for more. Mom laughed, gave us each another treat and told us that was all until dinner. Here’s a picture of what I’m barking about.

Homemade Treats

The plan was to make kibble so we don’t have to eat that stuff that comes in a bag. When mom looked at what came out of the oven and thought about how long it took to make the stuff, she decided she has to find another recipe for kibble.

She’s gonna give us what she baked yesterday as treats. We don’t care what she calls it. We just want to eat it. It’s really good. I’ll let you know how this all turns out. Us mutts are pretty happy with our menu here at Asherpark.



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