What A Day


Some days life is so good you don’t want the day to end. That’s how it was for me today.

Mom told me it was gonna be my day. She said we would hang together and have all kinds of fun.

She sent Tess and Jack with Dad so we could practice my training without the other mutts interrupting. Then we went shopping together.

Mom got me a couple of treats when she was at the dog store. I didn’t learn until later that she also got some fancy shampoo. We went to the hardware store where mom got some plumbing parts.

When we got back to the house, mom took the extra length of hose she bought and put it on the shower where us mutts get our baths. She gathered up the fancy shampoo, the conditioner she uses on us mutts, a bunch of towels and a pocket full of little bitty treats.

Mom asked me to jump in the tub. I always do that for her even though I know what’s gonna happen.

My skin has been itchy lately, and the warm water felt good. The new shampoo smelled okay, not too sissy. I stood real still at the very back of the tub. With the long hose mom just made, I can’t get away from the spray.

Rinse, treats, wash, treats, rinse, treats, conditioner, treats, the final rinse, another treat and then it’s over.

The whole time I’m in the tub I’m just dying to shake, but mom tells me not to. When the water part is done, mom takes a big towel and dries behind my ears. She hugs me and tells me how wonderful I am. She kisses my snout and rubs me with the towel. She never forgets to thank me for being good in the tub.

Then it’s my turn. I jump out of the tub and shake water all over mom and the bathroom. As soon as she opens the bathroom door, I tear through the house like I’m possessed.

Jack and Tess know to get out of my way. On the big living room rug I make like a whirling dervish. The whole time mom is laughing and standing next to Nellie so I don’t knock Nellie over.

After my bath we played outside. First mom threw the soft disc we call the dish. Next we played long ball. When we got tired we had a time out.

I did a little refresher training, gobbled up a frozen turkey neck to keep my teeth clean, and finally curled up in the shade for a nap.

When I woke up it was time for dinner. Oh man, I love that new grub mom made for us. I got an extra big helping. Mom worries I get too thin in the summer because I’m outside running around all the time.

Finally the day was over. All us mutts went to bed early. I dreamed of the fun stuff that happened during the day and made silly noises in my sleep. I hope tomorrow is just as much fun.




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