Our Little Angel


Nellie has been real sick now for a couple of weeks. She got the runaway poops the end of April. Mom treated her at home for a couple of days then called the vet.

Dr. Brad gave Nellie some stuff called Panacur. It’s supposed to kill worms and tiny critters that don’t belong in a dog’s gut. Nellie got better right away once she took the Panacur, but a few days later things went from bad to worse.

Mom quick took Nellie and some of her smelly poop to Dr. Brad. I had to smell that stuff all the way there. Yuck, it was awful! Dr. Brad sent the poop to some lab to see what was messing up Nellie’s gut.

Dr. Brad looked Nellie over. He said he didn’t think it was anything real bad. He gave Nellie some stuff in a tube to soak up the toxins and some Chinese herbs to calm her system.

The medicine is helping. The runaway train inside Nellie has slowed down. Things aren’t quite back to normal, but they sure are lots better.

The whole time Nellie was sick, she never complained. She stood still while mom cleaned her up after she had an accident. She let mom trim her butt feathers so we could see what was going on back there. Nellie took all her medicine and never said a word to us mutts about how bad it tasted.

Me and mom feel so bad for Nellie. Here she is the oldest mutt in the pack. She’s deaf, mostly blind, has a tilted head and stumbles when she walks. But she wakes up each morning so grateful for another day at Asherpark.

I got to thinking that our Nellie is an angel. She’s a perfect little spirit sent to teach us about kindness and gratitude and caring for others. Maybe that’s why we feel honored to help Nellie when she’s sick. Caring for her feels like a sacred act. Nellie might not know she’s an angel, but we do. Thank you great spirit for the gift of our angel. We love you Nellie.





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