Where Are You?


I’m deaf and nearly blind. I look but I cannot see. I get lost in the house, stuck in corners, wondering where everyone went. I can always count on my mom to come find me.

I never had a mom before, at least not like my mom at Asherpark. In the dark days I was ignored.

I had this awful stinky pee trap infection for months before I came to Asherpark. People just thought I was stupid and couldn’t make up my mind where to go pee. But it hurt so bad I had to get up my courage before I could go.

First thing my new mom did was take me to the vet and get me pills to make the pee infection go away. I was so happy. I didn’t smell bad anymore. I could go pee anytime without worrying about it. I got real good at following mom outside and peeing as soon as I got on the grass.

One time the pee trap infection started to come back. Mom quick rushed me to see Dr. Brad and we stopped it before it got real bad again.

I haven’t seen mom for five days. Ash says it will be two more days before she comes home. Two more days wandering around wondering where to go, what to do next.

The men folk take real good care of us. They know we’re sad without mom so they give us extra food and treats. They make sure I go outside every two or three hours to take care of business. They come find me if they haven’t seen me for a while.

I want my mom to come home. I want her to be here when we wake up and when we go to bed. Maybe she could bring a horse home with her and then she wouldn’t have to go away to ride. We’ve got chickens and goats. I don’t see why we can’t have a horse too. At least a small horse.

Ash tells me not to worry, but I see he’s not happy either. A pack is supposed to stay together. A pack should go on vacation together. I know they won’t let us mutts stay at the ranch, but maybe we could find some cheap motel close by so we could see mom when she gets off her horse.

I really want to go on a vacation. I’ve never been on a vacation. Ash has. He said Codie used to go on vacation all the time. She even went to Canada before everybody had to have a passport.

I don’t mean to carry on, but I got to tell you I want my mom back now. I”m gonna close my eyes and hope when I wake up I hear her calling me,  “Where’s my baby?!!”

Hurry up, mom. Come home soon so we can pester you and give you kisses and sniff your jeans. Hurry home with the horse smells and the wild desert dust. Hurry home and stay here with us where you belong. Then let’s plan a vacation together for the whole pack.


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