On Our Own

The Pack

It doesn’t happen very often, but every once in a while mom goes somewhere without us. She says she hates to leave us, and I believe that is true. But she leaves us nonetheless.

Last December she went to a dude ranch in Arizona. She had so much fun she decided to go back again for a few days.

Mom cooked up a bunch of food for us. She cut up thirty pounds of turkey necks for us. She fluffed our beds and gave us hugs and kisses before she left. But she left us nonetheless.

I can’t write any more about Codie until Mom gets back. Mom has all the pictures and knows the fun stories about Codie. All I can do is bark about how miserable we are.

Jack whines and moans when Mom is gone. Nellie is totally lost. She wanders around in circles constantly looking for mom. Then she falls asleep on the floor waiting for mom to come home.

We all sleep in the living room while mom is gone, in case she comes home in the middle of the night. There’s no way she could even get in the door without us knowing.

Tess is the only one who doesn’t care much that mom is gone. Tess still gets to ride in the truck and hang out with dad. Tess gets her special spot on the couch and all the attention she wants. It’s just the rest of us who are bummed out.

We really want mom to have a good time at the ranch. Last time she came home with so many good smells: the resident Australian Shepherd, the Corgi, and lots and lots of horses. Our noses had a feast smelling mom and her boots.

Every day that goes by means it’s one day sooner to mom coming home to us. She PROMISED next time she wants to go somewhere she’ll take all of us on a family vacation. Just like you see in the back of the car – us four mutts ready to travel.

When mom gets home we’re gonna mug her at the door. We’ll all fall down together in a big heap of dog love and forget about how lonesome we’ve been. That’s what we’re gonna do. It’s just that day won’t come fast enough. Hurry back, mom. We miss you!



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