I could weep for joy and dance with delight. Something totally wonderful and unexpected happened. I was adopted!

You have to understand how Old Dog Haven works to know what this means. I owe my life to Old Dog Haven. I was on death row at the shelter. I even had an execution date. But Old Dog Haven stepped in and saved my hide.

Once Old Dog Haven springs you from the slammer, you get evaluated. Some dogs are obviously fit for adoption. They go to a foster home where they hang out until somebody adopts them.

Other worn out sorry mutts like me become Final Refuge dogs. We go to a home where the people agree to keep us until we die.

Since I was sick and old and could hardly walk, I became a Final Refuge dog. My family at Asherpark told me I had a forever home and I would stay with them until it was my time to cross the bridge.

Till last night, me and Jack were both Final Refuge dogs. Jack won’t ever be adopted out because he had such a tough life and has a hard time adjusting to new circumstances. Plus, he’s a great ambassador for Old Dog Haven with his soulful eyes and teddy bear face.

Anyway, I heard people whispering a few days ago. Well, maybe they were talking loud and it just sounded like whispering to me because I’m deaf. Ash had Jack and Tess in a huddle, like he was the quarterback calling the next play.

Mom was busy writing e-mails to Old Dog Haven, and then kept checking to see if she got an answer back.

Just before bedtime mom called Ash over. “It’s official, Ash.” she said. “Our pack has adopted Nellie just in time for Christmas.”

Tess and Jack don’t quite understand why this is such a big deal. After all, they knew I was gonna live my last days at Asherpark anyway. But I know how much it means. I truly belong and now I have the same last name as Asher.

Mom said it shows how much everybody loves me and wants me to be a forever member of the family. It also frees up some resources that Old Dog Haven can use to help another old mutt.

When mom tucked me into bed last night, she whispered that she loves me. She said I am the perfect Christmas present. Who knew a worn out little rag like me could find happiness at the end of a long and painful journey. But I did. Maybe some old mutt could be your Christmas present. Then you’d both be happy.

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