Joy to the World


Us mutts woke up all excited this morning. We know there are some presents for us and we’ll get a big warm bowl of our special homemade dog slop for breakfast.

Lately mom has been asking us to think about what makes us happy and what we’re grateful for. I called the pack together and told everybody they each had to give me three things that brought them joy and I would post them in the bark today. I’ll save mine for last.

Tess says, “I’m really happy that I don’t have to wear that hideous pink harness someone put on me before I came to Asherpark. Everybody knows a redhead should never wear pink!”


“I really love having my own person and riding in the truck with my dad. What brings me the most joy is my pal, Ash. He taught me how to play and forgives me when my bad self comes out.”

Wow, that shows a lot of insight for Tess. She’s had to work on some issues since she came to Asherpark, but she’s made a lot of progress.


Jack says, “I am glad to be alive. I am glad to have a home with warm floors and all the food I ever need. I am so happy to belong to people who love me and have dog pals I trust.”

After a lifetime of neglect and five months in the slammer, Jack doesn’t ask for much in this life. He’s grateful just to be here with us. Almost brings a tear to my eye to think of what Jack has come through.

Nellie had the hardest time explaining what brings her joy. Maybe it’s because her cogs don’t work so good anymore. I tried to help her out by asking some questions, but that just made her more confused.


Nellie said it would come to her if she could write it down herself. Here’s what she wrote: “I am alive. I wasn’t killed on my execution date.  In my old life I was hungry, sick and lonely. That was so long ago I hardly remember. My new life is filled with love and kindness, people and dog pals, warm food, gentle pats, and my own sleeping pad right next to my mom. If I weren’t so crippled up, I would jump for joy!”

It’s hard to top what the other mutts have barked, but here goes. I was born with a happy spirit. I was named Asher after a guy in the Bible who was promised a happy life. I’ve had the best life any mutt could ever ask for.

My people even bought me five acres and named the place after me. I’m the mutt in charge at Asherpark. But if I had to pick one silly thing that makes me the most happy, it’s this. I can make my mom laugh even when she’s really mad at me. There’s nothing better in this world than seeing the person you love burst out laughing. It’s like bringing joy to your world!!



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