It’s A Guy Thing

Ash Sometimes life gets pretty boring at Asherpark. Oh, I do my best to keep things lively, but by late afternoon mom starts slowing down.

Maybe it’s because us mutts get her up so early. Maybe cause she’s always taking care of what we need and want.

But I hate being bored. Tess curls up on the couch and won’t play. Dad watches TV. Nellie disappears to her secret sleeping spot and Jack snores on for hours.

Mom would like to put her feet up and read, but that’s not what I have in mind. When she settles in on the couch I start prowling. Usually I bring her a sock, but she’s so used to that she doesn’t even look up.

Next I bring a shoe or boot. If it’s an old one she doesn’t care. If it’s a good shoe, she tells me to put it down. Soon I start circling the house looking for anything that will get her to chase me.

Once I found her tax return. Oh boy, that got her up in a hurry. A couple of times I swiped the remote for the tv, but it gets dad too worried so I quit doing that.

Last week my stepbrother Don was lying on the couch. He left his smart phone next to his leg and then fell asleep. I quick grabbed it and trotted over to mom. She whispered for me to give it to her. Not so fast. That was a way cool phone and I pranced all over the house showing it off. Finally mom got me to drop it on the carpet.

My favorite treasure is the cordless telephone. Lots of times I find one lying on the table next to the couch. As soon as I grab the phone mom gets after me. If I’m lucky my teeth will hit the redial button and I’ll call somebody with the phone in my mouth.

One time I heard mom apologizing to some lady friend. “Asher dialed your number by mistake,” she said. “Who was he trying to call?” the lady asked.

Anyway, you know us guys really like electronics, especially cool wireless stuff. None of the other mutts share my fascination with phones, so it’s a game that mom only plays with me.

Let me know if you want me to dial you up sometime!

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