Tough Night



It happened again last night. Mom awoke to the sound of Nellie crashing into the walls and slipping on the bare floors. It was near midnight and us mutts were enjoying a nice sleep when the attack happened.

Mom quick threw on some clothes and guided Nellie outside where she had better traction. Nellie looked confused and scared.

Mom figured Nellie was having another old dog vestibular event. That’s what the people call it. I call it doggie vertigo. Anyway, the world must have been really spinning for Nellie. Her head was goofy crooked and she seemed like a zombie on steroids.

We got Nellie into the studio where there are lots of dog beds and soft places to land.  Mom curled up on the floor with Nellie and tried to keep her from falling over. When Nellie settled down a little bit, mom slipped her a pain pill.

After about an hour Nellie relaxed and soon fell asleep. By then it was 2am. We all grabbed some needed shut eye for a few hours until Tess decided she wanted breakfast. That got Jack moaning so I pounced on mom to make sure she was awake. For some reason mom always says the same thing when I do that, “Oh no, Asher!”

We woke Nellie up to make sure she was still breathing. Nellie actually seemed a little better. Her head wasn’t quite so out of whack and she definitely wanted her breakfast.

Nellie ate her morning grub as fast as she could. I checked to make sure she didn’t leave anything in the dish. Then we all trooped back to the studio for a nap.


Nellie slept for three hours until we woke her up to do her business. The pain pill is helping her sleep. Mom says that’s what she needs and us mutts can’t be bumping into her or waking her up for no good reason.

I feel so bad for Nellie. When I started this bark my eyes teared up and I couldn’t see so good. Even Tess was crying. It’s not fair that Nellie has all these health problems. She’s been through so much already. We want her to have some fun at Asherpark.  Come on Nellie. You gotta pull through this. We’re barkin for you!



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