The Good Life


Sometimes life doesn’t get any better. Like when you’re at the beach with your little brother.

Me and Zag are having the best time at the beach. We’ve been racing around till we can hardly move. Yesterday we had four beach runs. We were silly with joy.

Zaggie is crazy about my mom. He wants to hang with us all the time. Last night Zag’s mom let him sleep with us. I let Zag have the bed with mom because he wanted it so bad. He jumped into bed and didn’t move all night.

This morning we got up at first light. We walked out the back door and down the path to the beach. The waves were big and noisy but it wasn’t raining. Me and Zag ran our fool heads off. On the way back to the house I spooked a big bird in the grass. Man, that was fun.



Zag’s mom was still in bed when we got back so my mom made us both breakfast. Kibbles and home cooked slop. Zag loves my mom’s cooking. We snarfed that up real quick and then lay down for a while.

Mom says my bark today is kinda lame. She says I didn’t put a lot of thought into it, I just rambled on about what we’ve been doing. But hey, I’m on vacation.

As soon as it stops raining so hard we’re gonna explore a new beach. How good is that?



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