Dog Opthamology


I didn’t get to go so I was a little miffed. Mom explained that she was taking Jack and Nellie to the eye doctor so me and Tess had to stay home.

Jack goes to the eye doctor once a year. He has a dry eye condition and has to take drops every night.

Mom took Nellie because she wanted to find out how blind Nellie is and if there is any way to help Nellie see better. I’ll bark more about Nellie tomorrow, but today I gotta tell you about Jack.

See the picture of Jack? Does he look goofy or what…

Mom said Jack was real good on the way to the eye doc. It’s a long drive, but Jack settled down in the back of the car and had a nice nap. When they arrived at the vet Jack didn’t want to go in but mom convinced him he had to.

The vet has this fancy table that works like an elevator. A mutt steps up onto the table and then it rises to waist high so the people don’t have to bend over all the time.

Mom talked Jack into getting on the table and she held him steady while the table went up. Jack complained to mom that he didn’t like the table, but she told him he had to stay.

Now Jack isn’t the kind of guy to give mom a lot of lip. Oh, he moans and carries on when she leaves him but he never growls or acts bad.

But Jack was plenty displeased by the table elevator at the eye doc. When mom looked at him from the front she could hardly believe what she saw. There was sweet old Jack giving her the dirtiest look he could muster.

Only problem was mom thought he looked so funny she burst out laughing. Mom asked the vet to stop the exam just for a second so she could grab a snapshot of Jack.

When they got home from the vet, mom showed the rest of us how silly Jack looked. By then he was laughing too. See mom treated him and Nellie to a frozen turkey neck as soon as they got home so Jack was in a pretty good mood.

The good news is Jack’s eyes are not getting any worse. The vet says Jack has the best eyes of any of the Old Dog Haven dogs she has examined. Jack just has to keep taking his drops each night before he goes to bed.

If you think Jack looks pretty funny in his picture, you can tell him so by leaving a comment. Jack likes fan mail. He really does.



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