Hanging In There


Ash has been asking me to post a bark about how I’m feeling. If you read my previous bark, you know I was pretty sick for a while.

I felt dizzy and sick and all messed up. Dr. Brad said I have geriatric vestibular syndrome. All I know is my head wouldn’t sit straight on my neck.

It’s been ten days since I got dizzy. Now my eyes don’t twitch but I still can’t straighten my head. You should try walking around with your head off to one side. It’s not so easy!

I’m still a little unsteady on my feet. I stumble when I first get up in the morning, but mom always spots for me so I don’t fall over.

Once I get my pegs under me I can trot around pretty good. Last night I even made a little play bow on our nightly walk. The other mutts looked at me like I was crazy. Tess came over to see if I really wanted to play, but then she realized I’m still too weak.

It bothers me that people feel sorry for me. I know I’m a sorry sight but I’m still happy. I follow mom everywhere. I eat like a horse. A BIG horse! I can drink water just fine, and I love my treats.

I felt so full of myself yesterday that I grabbed my blanket and shook it real hard. That makes the people laugh every time.

In two weeks I’m gonna see the eye doctor. That way I’ll know if I’m going blind or just can’t see good because of cataracts. I know I’m blind in the dark. Even with a flashlight I can’t see where to walk, but that’s okay too. Mom says I’ll just have to stay in the backyard where we have great big lights.

So that’s the latest news about my dizzy spells. I’ll tell you one thing, it’s not getting in the way of me enjoying life at Asherpark.



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