August 15, 2011

Asherpark has lots of gates. Mom says the trick is to make sure they’re all closed when us mutts get too full of ourselves.

You can see Jack, me, Pippin and Tess all waiting expectantly for our pal Freckles to get out of the car.


Freckles has come to visit us a bunch of times. His dad likes to take a picture of all the dogs lined up at the gate.

One time there were seven of us, all barking and carrying on like a bunch of fools. Finally mom told us to pipe down.

We like to have dog parties in the summer. People bring their dogs. They sit in the sun and drink wine. They eat little plates of stuff they call appetizers while they talk. That doesn’t make any sense to me. Us dogs stop all the nonsense when it’s dinner time. Eat first, bark later.

When the people aren’t too busy, mom takes us down to see the goats. It’s no big thing for me. I visit the goats every day. But it’s a big deal for the guest dogs. Here, see for yourself.

Anyway, that’s summer in the country. People and mutts hanging out. Everybody getting along, having a good time. I like it.

Party Dogs




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