Funny Little Fellow


We’ve had a lot of different guest dogs stay with us at Asherpark. When we’re not too busy learning new stuff and playing with the goats, we babysit dogs for our friends.

This little guy in the picture is Huck. He’s a cranky old Dachshund. He stayed with his pal Pippin, the Corgi.

Huck doesn’t have the best disposition. First time he came to visit he tried to start a fight with Jack. Not too bright since Jack outweighs him by thirty pounds. But old Jack was so shocked anybody wanted to fight him he just ignored the Huckster.

Huck was supposed to spend the day in the outdoor kennel since he couldn’t get along with anybody but the Corgi. Mom washed it real nice and put his favorite crate and blanket in there.

Well, Huck didn’t like the kennel and mom felt sorry for him, so Huck got his reservation upgraded. Next thing you know he’s taken over the studio.

Huck’s owner warned us that Huck likes to be covered up. One day mom let him pick where he wanted to nap. Huck picked an old cushion from the couch that mom stuffed in a dog bed cover and forgot to zip it up. Turns out that was just the way Huck likes it. Took him no time at all to burrow under the cover and start a nice snooze on the cushion.

On a warm sunny afternoon Huck discovered his favorite spot. Like Goldilocks he tried out all the beds in the studio and picked the one just right for him.

Huck and Pippin went home with lots of stories about life at Asherpark. I heard they slept for days. I guess country life tired them out. We’re looking forward to when they come visit again. Maybe Huck will even try and get along with Jack.


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