My Special Day


It was a beautiful sunny afternoon. Mom already told Ash that she was leaving and he had to stay home and babysit the rest of us. Jack started moaning and Tess flicked her big tail like she does when she is not pleased.

From the trips back and forth to the car, Ash knew mom and dad were going to a party. He said that meant we’d be by ourselves for three or four hours. I’d never been to a party so I didn’t really understand what Ash was talking about. Then mom told Ash she was taking me.

Next thing I knew mom put a leash on me and lead me to the car. A car ride has never ended up too good for me, so I was kinda scared. Mom put a towel under my belly and hoisted me into the back of the car. She knows I don’t like to be picked up, so the towel works like my elevator.

I smelled the happy smells from when Ash and Jack had last been in the car. That made me relax a little, but I still didn’t understand what was going to happen to me.

Then mom leaned over and whispered in my ear. “You’re going to a party, Nellie.”

We drove about an hour up into the mountains. We finally stopped at the most wonderful place in the world. I could feel the magic before I even got out of the car. It was the magic of kindness.

It turns out the party was at the home of mom’s special friend Jeff. He lives in a beautiful place by the river. His young dog is named River. The older one is Wind. The wind and the river. Neat, huh?

Jeff has the most lovely lady friend. Her dog is the mother of River. Isn’t that perfect?

Jeff is special to mom and dad. They don’t get to see him a lot but they treasure every minute with him. They talk about us dogs, the wild birds and creatures, and books they’ve read.

Jeff and his lady friend were so nice to me. They gave me treats and petted me and fretted that I would get hurt if I stumbled down the stairs. They helped mom take my picture and rubbed my old sore back.

When it was time to go everybody came to the car to see me off. Jeff sat down next to me and told me how glad he was that I came to the party. He said I was a wonderful guest and I could come back anytime I want.

I was overcome with joy. Remember I was the throw away dog nobody wanted. I was the dog scheduled to die. And here I was invited to return to a very special place. I wanted so much to give Jeff a little lick, but I was embarrassed so I just looked at my paws. Jeff rubbed my head and wished me good bye.

When I got home the others pestered me with questions. They couldn’t believe I got to go to see River and Wind. None of them have been there, only Codie went many years ago. I felt so happy. When you’ve been told you’re not worth saving and then you get a second chance at life, every day is a gift. I treasure the day I spent in the mountains. I can’t wait to go back.

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