A July To Remember


Wow! We’ve never gone this long without a DailyBark. How come? Too much news to make sense of.

It all started the first of July. Our pal Frieda came for her summer vacation. I love it when Frieda comes. She reminds me of Codie and she plays Aussie bump and run with me.

Frieda is getting old and has trouble getting up and down. But she’s still fun and I love her.

While Frieda was here Mom’s brother and her niece Heather came. And guess what? They brought Heather’s pup Jake! Oh, Jake is wonderful. He’s almost four years old and he likes all the same stuff I like.

Here’s a picture of my pal Jake. He’s wearing his Spiderman outfit and protecting us from mean people.


Me and Jake had lots of fun. He doesn’t have the best arm yet, but he tossed me lots of balls until I was too tired to play.

Sometimes Jake got mad at me when I barked. One time Jake told me he didn’t want to be my pal anymore because I licked him. Oh man, I felt so bad. How could I not want to lick the little guy? He always had something good smeared on his hands or face.

Jake finally had to go home. Then Frieda’s vacation was over and she went home too. It was just us house dogs for a few days until chaos arrived. Mom didn’t tell me we were babysitting two LITTLE dogs!!! We never had little dogs before. It was culture shock.

Our little pal Pippin, the Corgi, and her sidekick Huck, the Dachshund came for a week. Huck has to stay in solitary because he can’t get along with anybody. Pippin could go back and forth between Huck and us house dogs. I never saw mom open and close so many doors before, making sure little Huck didn’t run into the house and start a fight.

At first Pippin kept insisting she was boss dog. She wouldn’t do anything mom asked and she kept knocking over garbage cans. One time mom had her back turned and wasn’t paying attention. Pippin grabbed the new sack of dog food and pulled it onto the floor. Soon she chewed a hole in the bottom and all us mutts were having a snack. Oh boy, you shoulda heard mom when she found us. We all went running for cover except for Pip, who kept on stuffing her face. Mom didn’t have much nice to say about Pip that evening, but I sure enjoyed the snack.

Meanwhile Huck discovered the goats. Even though he could hardly see them through the tall grass, he could sure bark at them. I kept telling Mom she should let him in with the goats, but mom said he’d probably have a heart attack.

Well, all this summer fun is finally coming to an end. The Pipster and Huckman go home on Sunday. That leaves me, Tess, Jack, and Nellie to keep Asherpark running. Tess gets a haircut next Wednesday. Jack and Nellie go see the eye doc in a few weeks. Me, I just had a bath so I’ll be running the fence keeping that fool neighbor dog in line. I’ll try to keep up on the daily barks. Promise!


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