Big Mistake


This whole thing happened about three weeks ago, but I couldn’t bark about it until now.

Ash says I have to fess up. He says it will help me think before I mess up next time. So here’s the background.

I was picked up as a stray on July 5th and I’m scared of fireworks. You put those two things together and bingo! I freaked out and bolted on the 4th of July. That’s how I lost my first home.

I landed in a shelter but because of my good looks I got chosen by some kids after a day or two. Turns out they couldn’t keep me so they put my picture on craigslist. That’s where mom and Ash found me. Mom paid my ransom and home I went to Asherpark.

When I first got to Asherpark I used to bolt and run every chance I got. The fence wasn’t finished yet and I got out a couple of times. I never came when called, but when my dad chased me down in his truck, I was always happy to jump in.

Two years later I’m at home at Asherpark. Ash is my best pal. I ride shotgun with my dad in the truck. Life is good.

A couple of months ago my stepbrother Don came to stay with us. He and dad always take me when they go in the truck. I like Don but I wish he would ride in the back seat instead of me.

This one day we’re heading home from the big city. Don tells dad the ladder is loose and needs to be tied down. They stop the truck and Don gets out to fix the ladder. Silly Don. He leaves the door open and out I jump.

Bad news for me. Don didn’t notice I jumped out. He gets back in the truck and tells dad to go. I was just leaving my mark when I saw the truck start up. I thought it was a joke, so I just kept sniffing and peeing.

Well, the joke was on me. Pretty soon the truck was out of sight and I was alone. My first thought was to chase the truck, but it was too late. I started getting all freaked out until I heard this barking in my head.

At first I thought I was losing my mind, but it was clear and loud. “Stay put. Sit down. Don’t move. They will come back for you.”

“Who are you?” I barked. “I am Codie, spirit dog. I watch over Asherpark,” came the reply.

I sat and waited. People came by and tried to pet me, but I barked them away. I never moved from my spot, even as hope faded and I began to fear the worst. What if they didn’t notice I was gone? What if they didn’t care?

And then I heard it. The loud noise dad’s cranky old truck makes when he goes fast. I heard Don calling my name. “There she is!” he screamed at dad. “She’s right where she got out.”

Dad slammed on the brakes. Don jumped out even before the truck stopped moving. I was delirious with joy. They really did come back for me. Just like Codie said they would.






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