No More Smelly Nellie


I was so scared. Mom took me to the vet again, but this time she left me. They put me in a cage, just like when I was at the shelter.

I heard them say they would put me to sleep. I don’t want to die. Not now. Not now when I have a forever home.

They were going to kill me when I was at the shelter, but Old Dog Haven rescued me. Now I’m happy in my new home. I get good care, yummy food and lots of love.

But there I was at the vet hospital. They lifted me onto the table and soon I was asleep. I dreamed of big grassy fields with biscuits hidden like Easter eggs. I was young and could run forever. I saw Codie in her spirit fur and thanked her for sending me to Asherpark.

Next thing I knew I was back in the cage. I had a needle in my front leg with stuff dripping into me. I could taste blood in my mouth and my eyelid felt funny.

Turns out I had my first ever 100,000 mile check-up. Dr. Brad removed a growth on my eyelid and sewed it back up like it never happened.

When he looked in my mouth he saw a rotten old tooth that was falling out, so he pulled it for me. Then they scraped all the stinky plaque off my remaining teeth. Dr. Brad also cleaned  the junk out of my ears. Because I can’t stand to have anyone mess with my paws, they trimmed my nails when I was asleep.

Mom came and got me in the afternoon. I was groggy and could hardly walk. I got a basket full of pills and stuff. Antibiotics for my mouth, salve for my eye, and pain pills so I don’t hurt.

When I got home the pack checked me out. They smelled the blood in my mouth. Everybody noticed that my breath was sweet, not smelly like it used to be. My pee trap leaked a little when I was asleep, but mom washed it off and everybody agreed I smell as sweet as a flower.

Old Dog Haven spent a bunch of money to fix me up. My mom spends lots of time making sure I’m healing okay. The pack tries not to bump me when they run. What more could I ask for?

Thank you Old Dog Haven. You saved my life and now you made me feel so much better. I am one VERY lucky dog!



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